Ein-Jahres-Jubiläum mit Sak!

Dear Team,


This week marked one year since we got our little angel Sak. For such joyous occasion, I wanted to send an email to update you on how he's doing and to thank you for allowing him to be in our lifes, which are so much better since he's in them!


When Sak first arrived he was afraid of everything: cars, people, other dogs in the street... Over the course of this year he's lost most of those fears, although there are some things he's still afraid of (such as rain). 


He's a tremendously loving puppy. I spend most of my day home and he rarely leaves my side. The moment I stand up to move around the house he becomes my shadow (unless he's too comfortable!). He's always the first one to notice when my husband gets home- and he makes sure everyone knows about it. The moment the door opens, he starts jumping and demanding his very much deserved cuddles. At this point I must say my husband greets him before even saying hello to me! 


He hates baths, hairdryers (he much rathers shaking water off all over the bathroom after a bath!), visits to the vet and the vacuum. He loves sausages (see video attached - the one in which I talk to him as if he were a baby 😂), his (yes, his by now!) ottoman and long walks off the leash. He also loves playing with his dad and sleeping in our bed (of course, right in the very middle). 


We're incredibly thankful for him, and to you for making his adoption possible. He makes us the happiest and, in 3 months, when our baby girl is born, we're sure he's gonna make the best doggy brother 😍


Again, thanks a lot and love from our family!