Berba - former Bershka - "Happy End" in Spain - Start of Happiness in the Netherlands

In May 2019 I lost my dear Spanish wagging lady Sasha to bone cancer. A lot of sadness, but also very grateful to have been the owner of such a fantastic dog for 6 years. Before her death I had an animal communicator contact with Sas. One of the things she told me then was Sasha’s wish that later in time, when the first grief has passed, we, her people, would open our hearts to another dog ... "One who desperately needs it, such as I once long ago ... ".


Months after losing Sas, I slowly started thinking about ‘a new dog’. A bitch from the shelter was my preference. In Dutch shelters, few dogs were of the type that I was looking for. I shifted my search to Belgium and also had contact with the Spanish-Dutch lady who had brought Sasha into our lives. That is how I came across a photo somewhere on a website of a Spanish asylum and thought 'it could be her' ... With the help of Google Translate I sent a message to the shelter about whether adoptions to the Netherlands were possible at all. A very friendly and helpful lady told me that adoptions went through Tierliebe Grenzenlos, with their website and information. I visited their website, on to 'Hündinnen' and there I was touched in my heart ... not by the dog I had seen before on the Spanish site, but by the small head of Bershka. The other ‘girl’ would probably end up well, but Bershka ... Bershka belonged to me!


I contacted Tierliebe Grenzenlos, of course once in a while a bit doubtful…Fortunately I was 'approved' as future owner myself, and after that I had to have a lot of patience until she went on a trip to the north ...


October 26th was the day. We were allowed to go get her in Germany. What a little doggy it was ... and so overwhelmed by all the impressions. That went on at home. She found it a little exciting to come into the house. The first few days she got no further than the pantry, then the kitchen followed and once she discovered the spacious living room, the party was complete because you can run around so nicely. I think she trusted me soon, but it took some time and attention to really like me.


In those first days it became clear to me that many things that went on autopilot with Sasha were not at all so obvious and 'normal'. A process for Berba, her name since she is in Holland,  to discover her new world, and also for me to consciously consider it again. A cyclist - what's that ?, walking on the leash - how then ?, other people in the house - what do I have to do with that ?, waiting on arrival to take off your leash - why? ...

And besides, oh so wonderful ... so much cheerfulness, so much energy ... such a wonderfully unique new 'person' in my and our lives.


We now go to the dog club, walk with friends, play, hug and occasionally grumble ('no Berba, chasing the chickens is really not allowed!’). Getting house-trained was a piece of cake with a little attention and alertness.


For now, the most important learning point is gaining confidence in other people. This is a bit more difficult than expected / hoped / assumed. Lack of self-confidence do make her not easily accessible for everyone. But keep in mind, we would probably need some time if we were just 4 weeks old with our brothers and sisters being dumped in a container ... She has already taken so many big, brave steps since her arrival that I am sure it will be okay. In addition to dog kibble and movement, she receives time and love and develops her pace and manner. It is a beautiful, happy and curious dog, with her own story and 'backpack'. That is exactly what makes her so special and very welcome!


We are together in a wonderful learning process that has already brought so much beauty, joy and love. We hope to be able to follow up on this for a very, very long time, and meanwhile enjoy every day together.